Sight and Sound Online - Rewind Fast Forward: On Sandi Hughes' Radical Film Archive

What is it that we want when we go to the cinema, turn on the television, or go to YouTube to entertain ourselves? For some, it’s escapism. For others it’s all about the visual – seeing breathtaking images that we could only dream of making. Read more


Little White Lies - On the Measured Anger of James Baldwin and Kendrick Lamar

While it has been showered with a great many (much deserved) compliments and labels, one word that could never be used to describe Raoul Peck’s I Am Not Your Negro is ‘conventional’. Read more


Polyester Zine - Romantic Comedy University

Romantic comedies are given a hard rep. True, it’s hard to completely trust a genre whose landmark films star Billy Crystal and Mel Gibson as successful womanizers, but there’s a joy in the formulaic nature of the genre. Read more


Polyester Zine - 200 Cigarettes is the Best Trashy New Year's Eve Film Ever

Forgive me for being controversial but I’ve gotta start with a statement – New Year’s Eve is the worst. Every year around mid-December, the fear creeps in – how am I going to make this New Year’s the one to remember? Read more


BFI - Six Films to Watch Before You Watch Moonlight

Every year when awards season rolls around, the nominations are dominated by films dedicated to the lives and deeds of white men and women. Read more


Medium - Some Facts About Sebastian from La La Land

Sebastian from La La Land doesn’t “get” mansplaining. He’s a man, and he’s explaining something. Like jazz. For example, did you know that the reason Charlie Parker got the nickname Bird was because… Read more